Inspired by the unique structure of the beehive society, led by a long-term tradition of beekeeping, with respect to the constant, concerted and continuous process of honey production, we are primarily concerned with the extraction of genuinely pure biological raw honey of superior quality which fully sustains its unparalleled and infinite nutritional value along with the holistic satisfaction it offers to the senses.

We honestly believe that honey is an invaluable natural food and we treat it as such, by selecting it carefully, extracting it through natural processes that maintain its nutritious elements and original aromas and flavours, and delivering it intact to your table and palate so that you savour the most exceptional high quality honey from the land of Greece.

Sustainability is the other pillar of the NIRRA vision, so we have conceived the production of limited and rare honey-based products that will not only fall in the category of superfoods by default but will also add a gourmet touch in your gastronomy and intrigue your palate.