An astonishing and voluptuous gift box that stylishly embraces five luxurious NIRRA raw honey varieties, two of which are intricately combined with edible 23K gold flakes. Each one of the newly-compact jars comes in a detachable package so that you enjoy it on the spot, bring it along or offer it to your beloved ones as the utmost manifestation of the nature’s opulence and the human’s regard. Share it, smear it, instill it, submerge it, savour it or treasure it, but be sure to yield in the supreme taste and natural character of the invaluable NIRRA raw honey either you relish it in the land of Greece where it was born or spread it to the world.


  • 100% raw Greek honey
  • Aroma: soft woody forest aroma
  • Colour: dark honey colour with green fluorescence
  • Taste: medium sweetness with weak acidity and burnt caramel overtones
  • Properties: rich in minerals and up to four times more intense antioxidant action than any other forest honey worldwide
  • Crystallization: it does not crystallize easily due to the low sugar and water concentration

    Crystallization is a natural and uncontrolled phenomenon that causes pure raw honey to become thick and cloudy. Honey is a super-saturated solution of two sugars: glucose and fructose. Glucose sugar separates from water and become crystals, while fructose remains as a liquid. The best way to convert honey into smooth liquid is to apply a heating method with warm water that should not exceed 35°C, otherwise its nutritious properties will be destroyed. Microwave use is to be strictly avoided.