An abundant source of minerals that shield the body and enzymes that boost metabolism. With low natural sugar concentration and a smooth taste, this wild oak honey is a powerful antioxidant and remedy
for digestive system disorders with its healing properties.


  • 100% Greek raw wild oak honey
  • Aroma: soft woody forest aroma
  • Colour: dark honey colour with green fluorescence
  • Taste: medium sweetness with weak acidity and burnt caramel overtones
  • Properties: rich in minerals and up to four times more intense antioxidant action than any other forest honey worldwide
  • Crystallization: it does not crystallize easily due to the low natural sugar and water concentration


Crystallization is a natural and uncontrolled phenomenon that causes pure raw honey to become thick and cloudy. Honey is a super-saturated solution of two sugars: glucose and fructose. Glucose sugar separates from water and become crystals, while fructose remains as a liquid. The best way to convert honey into smooth liquid is to apply a heating method with warm water that should not exceed 35°C, otherwise its nutritious properties will be destroyed. Microwave use is to be strictly avoided.